Alan Levine Responds to RRWPC Response


In your piece on the Estuary there are some issues you missed.

Folks are concerned regarding SCWA management and related EIRs. There are two EIRs: One for management of the estuary via manipulation of the bar that closes the mouth and one for the flow management. Neither EIR speaks to the other – though they are related or interconnected. This bifurcation of environmental analysis is illegal under CEQA. Thus, litigation from the Russian River Watershed Protection Committee. There also are concerns for pollutant concentrations voiced by the Regional Board.

Your claim that there are protections in place are premature at this point as the studies are not complete or fully considered.

In addition, you do mention your knowledge of pollutant concentrations although you focus only on urban runoff as the source. In part, this assertion is true. It is also the case that stormwater runoff from Agriculture (mostly grapes and dairy) is another huge contributor to pollution in the Russian River. How could you miss that point? Furthermore, the Ag contribution is the County’s responsibility to regulate. It should also be “no news” to you that the County is not doing that great of a job in dealing with these pollution sources.

Fact: The Russian River usually runs brown until late April, and sometimes through May. Ever think of what could be causing that?

Alan Levine
Coast Action Group, Affiliate of Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance

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