I do not see the forests as a net user from evapotranspiration.

Depending the type of forest (rain forest, Temperate rain forest, etc.)
what percent of precipitation is taken up by evapotranspiration. I
imagine it depends on many factors (i.e. Slope, soils, frequency and
duration of hydrologic events, type of veg, etc.)

On thing for sure, there is degradation of water quality values related
to deforestation and/or vegetative cover loss. How are they measuring that?
This deals with one of the themes in our book.


True.  Except CalFire says the Casper Creek study says different. I think they are misusing the study.

The role of roots for holding runoff on slopes so that it
percolates deeper is generally ignored. But all studies show that
forested slopes slow runoff and reduce the level of flooding


Water and trees: