14,700 Acres of Gualala Forestland into Conservation Fund

I have learned that the Conservation Fund has purchased the 14,700 acres of Gualala forestland from Rich Padula.

You might remember that we lobbied the Wildlife Conservation Board for Conservation Easement Money to help subsidize this purchase along with money for a Conservation Easement for REFFI

I understand it is a done deal. Now our project is close to 55,000 acres (24,000 acres Garcia Forest Project, 8,000 Salmon Cree, 8,000 Big River, and now 14,700 Gualala).

This is great.

Now – the next job is getting a similar result on the Calpers owned lands – Preservation Ranch – with 1,200 acres of proposed conversion of forestland to vineyard.

It is possible that the pressure on Calpers and help from Chris Kelly of the Conservation Fund would lead to this conclusion. Wow – the Conservation Fund forest projects would be over 70,000 acres if this were to occur.

Go Gualala ! I hear Calpers is looking for a buyer.

Alan Levine Coast Action Group Affiliate of Redwood Coast Watersheds Alliance