Study Showing Salmonid Risk in Mediterranean Climate

Thank heavens for thesis’s. No one else would study this (ask this question), or come up with such a conclusion. Now, we just have to hang on to our educational system.

Thanks Brock.

Ted Grantham, who recently finished his PhD in my lab, wrote the attached newly published paper based on his thesis research titled “The Role of Streamflow and Land Use in Limiting Over summer Survival of Juvenile Steelhead in California Streams.”

We found that juvenile steelhead trout are particularly at risk during the dry summer season typical of California’s Mediterranean climate. Of the juvenile steelhead trout present in June, on average only 30 percent survived to the late summer. In years with higher rainfall and in watersheds with less vineyard land use, the survival of juvenile trout over the summer was significantly higher.

The UC Berkeley press release about the paper can be found at -in-wine-country/