Sign Petition to Ban Fracking Now!

To All,

California Is Getting Fracked

Should anyone want to sign the petition…..we have NO regulations or oversight right now in California.

Sign the Petition to Ban Fracking Now!

Fracking in CA? It’s True!

Sign the Petition to Ban Fracking Now!

March 20, 2012

Dear Janus,

Fracking wells as far as the eye can see – stretching from Sacramento to San Diego, with zero regulation.

That’s the oil and gas industry’s dream for California, and it’s dangerously close to becoming a reality. Fracking is already happening in our state, and it’s getting worse with every passing day.

Will you help us put a stop to it by signing the petition to ban fracking in California?

As you may know, fracking involves injecting a cocktail of water, sand and poisonous chemicals that are linked to cancer and other health issues into the ground where they may contaminate our drinking water supplies. It has also been shown to cause earthquakes, significantly decrease property values and result in significant noise and air pollution! 

And, if that wasn’t enough, the department responsible for regulating California drilling has stated it has no intentions of regulating this practice.

We must take action to ban fracking now, before it can further damage our communities!

The oil and gas industry has launched a million-dollar PR campaign to convince the public that natural gas is the green wave of the future.

 In reality, however, we know that this process actually produces a dirtier fuel than coal!

Fracking results in large releases of methane, a greenhouse gas that worsens global warming, while polluting our precious water resources with chemicals. We need a ban on fracking in California now!

Sign the petition to ban fracking:

Thanks for taking action,

Adam Scow
California Campaigns Director
Food & Water Watch

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