Water Pollutant Technical Reports

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Center for Watershed Sciences • University of California, Davis
Groundwater Nitrate Project, Implementation of Senate Bill X2 1
Prepared for California State Water Resources Control Board • March 2012

Prepared by:
Thomas Harter and Jay R. Lund

(Principal Investigators)

Jeannie Darby, Graham E. Fogg, Richard Howitt, Katrina K. Jessoe, G. Stuart Pettygrove, James F. Quinn, and Joshua H. Viers

Dylan B. Boyle, Holly E. Canada, Nicole DeLaMora, Kristin N. Dzurella, Anna Fryjoff-Hung, Allan D. Hollander, Kristin L. Honeycutt, Marion W. Jenkins, Vivian B. Jensen, Aaron M. King, George  Kourakos, Daniel Liptzin, Elena M. Lopez, Megan M. Mayzelle, Alison McNally, Josue Medellin-Azuara, and Todd S. Rosenstock

With project management support from
Cathryn Lawrence and Danielle V. Dolan

Brief (English / Español) (2 pages)
Executive Summary
 (8 pages)
Main Report (80 pages)

Technical Report 1 – Overview (Version July 2012)
Technical Report 2 – Sources of Nitrate in Groundwater (Version July 2012)
Appendix – Appendix Figures to Technical Report 2 (Version July 2012) – 84 MB (large file!)
Technical Report 3 – Reducing Sources of Nitrate in Groundwater (Version July 2012)
Technical Report 4 – Nitrate Occurence in Groundwater (Version July 2012)
Technical Report 5 – Remediation of Groundwater Nitrate (Version July 2012)
Technical Report 6 – Treatment of Nitrate in Drinking Water (Version July 2012)
Technical Report 7 – Susceptible Population and Alternative Water Supplies (Version July 2012)
Technical Report 8 – Funding and Policy Options (Version July 2012)

Version Notes:

The July 2012 versions of Technical Reports 1 – 8 supercede the March 2012 versions. The updated versions feature a cover page on each Technical Report, corrections of typographical and grammatical errors, and minor clarifications in the text of the Technical Reports. A separate Appendix compendium has been added to Technical Report 2. No changes have been made to the factual findings of the Technical Reports originally published in March 2012.

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