Action: Fracking Comment Letter

To All,

Hi, So we know the copious amounts of methane being released, the carcinogenic chemicals that are being used and the enormous amounts of water being destroyed (that we need for agriculture) and now farcking waste is being shown to be radioactive and some is going to treatment plants that can’t take the radioactivity out or landfills. If your group hasn’t signed the letter yet, you need to revisit this.

Public comments to the California Dept. of Commerce are due now. Right now part of the regs prohibit doctors and public health officials saying anything to the public on health issues surrounding fracking and no monitoring will be done until AFTER the site has closed….years after the fact. Some states (Pennsylvania the first) are wanting to put tracers in the fracking fluids so they can monitor and find out how far they are traveling in the aquifers.


Here’s a sign-up link for fracking info:


SCWC Fracking Comment Letter

Thank you for your interest in the Department of Conservation’s development of regulations relating to hydraulic fracturing.  The Department is currently engaged in an informal process of soliciting input from the public on a discussion draft of proposed regulations. The discussion draft of the regulations, a narrative digest of the discussion draft regulations, and a set of frequently asked questions and answers will be available on the Department’s website at  Input on the discussion draft of the regulations will be used to craft a subsequent rulemaking package that the Department will use for the formal rulemaking process required by the Administrative Procedure Act.

The Department’s goal is to begin the formal rulemaking process in early 2013.  When the Department commences its formal rulemaking process, notice of the proposed rulemaking action will be sent to everyone who has requested it.  If you would like to be notified when the Department begins the formal rulemaking process, please subscribe to the Department’s mailing lists by clicking on the link below and subscribe to the Division of Oil Gas & Geothermal Resources Regulation Information mailing list.