Public Launch of the California Salmon Snapshots Website

Hello Friends & Fellow Salmon Warriors
I am so excited to announce the public launch of the California Salmon Snapshots website today. The website is:
For those of you who are unfamiliar with the project, I will provide some background.  As many of you know, in California, we are experiencing the steepest decline in salmon populations in the West.  Iconic salmon are imperative to California’s economic, recreational and environmental welfare.   However, we haven’t been able to answer how many salmon are actually in our coastal watersheds.  The good news is that for the first time ever an analysis of the state of California salmon and restoration efforts has been completed by The Nature Conservancy, using data provided by The Department of Fish and Wildlife, private landowners and watershed groups.  These California Salmon Snapshots will help guide state-wide salmon recovery where we can have the greatest impact.
California Salmon Snapshot Goals
•             Provide a Clearinghouse for Salmon Population Information
•             Encourage Organizations to Prioritize Monitoring
•             Highlight Locally-Led Watershed Restoration Efforts
In addition to the above goals, the website contains a live streaming salmon camera to at our Shasta Big Springs Ranch, links to partner organizations in order for the broader community to learn how to learn about their community restoration organizations and get involved locally, and interactive watershed maps which highlight the current and historic distribution of salmon, by species, by watershed.
We thank you for your participation in the website. For those of you who currently aren’t, we hope you will participate in the future as the website showcases agency/organization work in your watersheds.
We encourage you to share this website with your partner and community members. We can offer social media suggestions if you are willing to share this news and need suggestions. We respectfully request that you add a link to the California Salmon Snapshots website from your website, if it is appropriate.  Please forward broadly so we can highlight and raise awareness of salmon in California.
As always, we appreciate your comments and concerns. In particular, if we have misrepresented you as a partner (or non-partner) in a watershed, please let us know ASAP. Contact Sally Liu at