Action to Strengthen not Weaken the Clean Water Act

To All,

Right now, 117 million Americans are at risk of drinking contaminated water. 

It sounds outrageous, I know. But a Bush administration loophole for polluters means that huge amounts of our nation’s streams, rivers, and wetlands are not currently covered by the Clean Water Act. Oil companies can dump crude into a stream, factory farms can dump animal waste into a wetland — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. This puts our drinking water in jeopardy.

Tell the EPA that we must protect all of our nation’s water. The last day to comment is tomorrow, November 6:

For decades, the Clean Water Act has protected all the nation’s streams, wetlands, lakes and rivers from pollution and destruction — ensuring clean drinking water for millions of Americans. But over the last decade, polluters have found more and more loopholes for waters like streams and wetlands. The Bush Administration excluded many waters from the Clean Water Act and made it harder to protect others, and two split Supreme Court decisions have cast doubt on which types water bodies are covered by the act.

The EPA has a chance to change this, and protect all of our waters. Tell them to stand up for our health and environment:

Today, many important waters lack critical protections against pollution or destruction. But the Environmental Protection Agency and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers are developing rules that could finally end years of confusion and ensure protections for over 20 million acres of wetlands, 2 million miles of streams, and drinking water for over 117 million Americans.

These agencies need our support as they move forward. Please tell the EPA to move forward with a strong rule that will protect our communities and wildlife. Tomorrow is the last day they are accepting public comments:

Thank you for everything you do for the environment,

Dalal Aboulhosn
Sierra Club Senior Washington Representative

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