Action: Red Wine or Redwoods? Your choice…

Dear All,

You know what California has plenty of? Wineries. You know what it’s rapidly losing, and what it can never replace? Its ancient redwood forests, some of which have trees that are more than 2,000 years old.<>

A Spanish winemaker wants to chop down 154 acres of coast redwoods and Douglas firs to make space for new grapevines in California‚s Sonoma County. But redwoods only grow in Northern California and parts of southern Oregon. If all of that land is cleared to make space for wineries, soon there will be no redwoods left at all.<>

To make matters even worse, the thousands of trees in danger of being mown down like an overgrown lawn are between 50 and 80 feet tall. Some are probably hundreds of years old. And to put that majestic habitat on the line so someone can turn a profit? No way!<>

California‚s Department of Forestry and Fire Protection seems ready to let these ancient wonders be leveled for the sake of a few fancy bottles of wine. Sign the petition to tell them to protect the forests!<>

Thank you for taking action,

Care2 and ThePetitionSite Team