Action for to Protect and Enhance the Clean Water Act

To All,

Here is the latest. Also, there is a new grassroots listserv you or anyone in your network interested in this issue can join. Info below – but simply email me if you want to join. Feel free to share this info widely.

Dalal Aboulhosn



We hope you left the call updated with a better understanding of what is on the horizon to protect our streams and wetlands.  Now we need your help to ensure that those protections are carried out. Below are a few ways that you and your organizations can stay engaged and take action.

1) Sign your organizations on to the national sign-on letter (Use this link to view the letter: National Sign On Letter), highlighting the significant scientific conclusions outlined in the SAB report and calling for swift action to restore key Clean Water Act protections based on scientific evidence that the report highlights. You can sign YOUR ORGANIZATION on to the joint letter by emailing, and with your [] organization name AND YOUR NAME, TITLE, and contact information.

2) Consider submitting your own organization letter to the SAB public docket.

You can email your comments to the SAB docket at:

You can use the template letter at the following link to modify as your organization sees fit and submit to the public record: Download Template SAB Letter.  We encourage you to add specific information about your organization’s views on why protecting clean water is important to your organizations and the constituencies that they represent.

3) Use the links below to send a personal message to the SAB and to EPA, encouraging them to finalize the science report and protect clean water, and encourage your members, friends, and supporters to do the same:

Earthjustice Take Action Link

Environment America Take Action Link

Sierra Club Take Action Link

4) Consider drafting letters to the editor and OpEds to your local news outlets

5) Stay informed and get the latest updates and information by joining the Waters of the U.S. listserve. You can sign onto the listserve by emailing

Our organizations are ready to support you and assist you in any way we can on this important issue. Whether we can provide talking points, limited research, draft letters to the editor and OpEds, or just serve as a contact to answer your questions and bounce ideas off of, please reach out to us if we can help!