Nunes/Valadao bill in House next week–Outrageous Water Bill

Oppose Rep. Valadao’s Radical Legislation to Preempt California Law and Eliminate Environmental Protections for the Bay-Delta Estuary

Perhaps not unexpectedly, the San Joaquin Valley Republican delegation outrage against Mother Nature (the drought), the Endangered Species Act, the San Joaquin River Settlement, the National Environmental Policy Act, California law, and responsibilities to other legal users of water has also been joined to an attack on the National Wild & Scenic Rivers System.

Rep. McClintock’s wild & scenic river de-designation effort on the Merced is included in this proposed bill.

I’ll try to get a quick sign on letter highlighting our collection of groups objections to this provision of this larger bill.  Please let me know if your group can sign on to a targeted letter like this (recognizing that many groups will want to be opposed to the whole package of this outrageous water grab by the southern San Joaquin Valley). I’ll be working on it tomorrow with the folks who have already pre-approved communications with the Hill on this matter.

Feel free to work the press on this too.  In fact, do it.  Rep. McClintock shall be known with the company he keeps and the interests that he serves. And it is an ill-smelling crew.

Thanks for NRDC’s Doug Obegi for the heads up on this one.

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Valadao bill summary NRDC Jan 2014