New Online Resources for Ag Water Stewardship

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Subject: New Online Resources for Ag Water Stewardship

The California Agricultural Water Stewardship Initiative (CAWSI) is pleased to announce the expansion of the online Agricultural Water Stewardship Resource Center, which now features 11 on-farm practices, 66 case studies, and a library of technical resources to assist farmers and ranchers, water suppliers, and others in making effective farm water management decisions. A new YouTube channel organizes videos into 16 different ag water stewardship practice areas.

CAWSI aims to raise awareness about approaches to agricultural water management that support the viability of agriculture, conserve water, and protect ecological integrity in California. The Resource Center can be accessed at

In addition to a strong online presence, CAWSI collaborators seek to engage leaders and the public in learning about ag water stewardship practices and successes. Just last week, Madera County almond grower Tom Rogers was recognized for reducing water use by up to 20% through improved irrigation scheduling techniques. Selected from among the CAWSI case studies, Tom is the second recipient of the Farm Water Steward Award, which was jointly presented by the Pacific Institute, Community Alliance with Family Farmers, and Ag Innovations Network at an award dinner celebration at the T.S. Glide Ranch in Davis, California.

For the last 2 years, CAWSI has been managed by Ag Innovations Network (AIN) and guided by an Editorial Board appointed by the California Roundtable on Water and Food Supply. AIN is pleased to announce that effective January 1, 2014 the Community Alliance with Family Farmers (CAFF) has assumed responsibility for managing and developing the CAWSI resource. For the past two years AIN has focused on creating a robust Editorial Board and expanding stakeholder input to the project. AIN’s goal is to strengthen organizations and partners working on key water issues and is pleased that CAFF has stepped in to assure this vital resource continues to grow.

CAFF has been involved with CAWSI since its creation in 2009, contributing content and sitting on the Editorial Board. Currently, CAFF’s Water Program supports education and outreach on irrigation efficiency topics and dry farming. CAFF will conduct on-the-ground outreach to raise awareness of CAWSI’s Resource Center and further develop the site with help from numerous contributors and the Editorial Board.

For more information or to contribute content to the site, please contact Kendall Lambert at or (510) 832-4625 x 13.