California Water Quality Monitoring Council Webinar Series

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There is a series of free webinars offered on various water quality issues.


California Water Quality Monitoring Council Webinar Series:

Wet/Dry Mapping – Using Citizen Scientists To Monitor Perennial Surface Water
May 8, 2014
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Combining citizen science with GIS and GPS technology, wet/dry mapping provides a snapshot of flow conditions in rivers and streams with interrupted perennial surface flow. Trained volunteers map surface water during the driest time of year to track annual variation, in a project that has grown to include surveys of more than 300 stream miles each year. Data from 15 years of wet/dry mapping on the San Pedro River and tributaries in Arizona and Sonora show which reaches have surface flow in every year. They also show areas with high year-to-year variation in flow length, which indicates changes in local groundwater conditions and may provide early warning of ecological changes. This wet/dry data set provides a watershed-scale snapshot of river conditions, with enough resolution to detect trends in relatively short reaches. It has allowed us to identify groundwater recharge opportunities – reaches of the San Pedro where supplemental groundwater input is likely to increase the length of permanent surface water – along with providing a tool for monitoring the impact of new recharge projects. Wet/dry has also been used by governmental agencies on other streams in Arizona, including BLM, National Park Service, and Pima County. This presentation will include discussion of the technique, including the process of analyzing and presenting the data. Background materials are available at:


Non-CWQMCN Webinars that may be of interest:

U.S. EPA’s Marine Beach Sanitary Survey Tool
Registration is now open for the webinar on U.S. EPA’s Marine Beach Sanitary Survey Tool. The draft agenda, followed by an Adobe Connect Webinar Guide, is attached.
To register, please visit You should receive a confirmation email after you register, and 24 hours prior to the webinar you will receive the link to the Webinar page.
Event: U.S. EPA Webinar—Marine Beach Sanitary Survey Tool
Date: Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Time: 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time
Summary: The webinar will summarize key sanitary survey elements and augment this overview with presentations from practitioners who will share their perspective on the use and benefits of the sanitary survey tool.
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Watershed Academy Webcast Focusing on Cover Crops
Join us for a Watershed Academy Webcast on March 25 from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm Eastern that will provide basic information on how cover crops and other conservation systems can be used to provide environmental benefits in watersheds across the U.S. Cover crops are plants that are used to protect and improve soil on farm fields. The webcast will explain how cover crops can reduce nutrient losses to watersheds by scavenging nitrates that would otherwise be lost to leaching. In addition, cover crops reduce sediment and phosphorous losses to nearby waterways by acting as a vegetative buffer to slow down surface erosion and increase water infiltration. By using cover crops, farmers can provide environmental benefits while also providing other on-farm benefits. Register for the Webinar to learn more about cover crops.