Speak up for California’s migratory birds

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Speak up for California’s migratory birds

We need your help speaking up for the millions upon millions of migratory birds that rely upon Central Valley wetlands to survive. Lawmakers are moving to strip a proposed Water Bond measure of language providing water for these vital habitat areas.

Water going to these refuges represents just a tiny fraction of the water used in the Central Valley, but it’s of critical importance to Pacific Flyway migratory birds. Recognizing that 95 percent of Central Valley wetland habitat had been lost, Congress in 1992 passed legislation to ensure that the refuges, the last remnants of habitat in the valley, would receive enough water to meet the needs of birds and other wildlife.

If AB1331 is stripped of language providing water for refuges, it will have disastrous results for birds and make it even harder for California to comply with its legal obligations under federal and state law.

We need you to act fast. Those seeking to take this water from the refuges are scheduled to make their case tomorrow before the State Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water meeting. Because your State Senator sits on that committee, your voice could make a big difference.

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