Invitation to North Bay Tour

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North Bay Bioengineering Tour
April 18th, join us for a tour of streambank bioengineering solutions. We’ll be talking willow, coir, seeds and slopes. The project is near the Sonoma Raceway amid a working cattle ranch. The Sonoma Land Trust and Prunske Chatham, Inc. worked together on this project that will protect Tolay Creek. Tolay Creek connects the upstream and adjacent Tolay Regional Park with thousands of acres of a unique ecosystem of freshwater lakes, creeks and tidal wetlands.

Owned by the Sonoma Land Trust, the Ranch possesses a variety of unique characteristics including serpentine grasslands, oak woodlands and riparian habitats. Among the species found in these habitats are golden eagles, red-legged frogs, western pond turtles, and northern burrowing owls, as well as the more common coyote, deer, hawks, songbird and garter snakes.

The southwest corner of the property contains serpentine soils that offer a vibrant array of native wildflowers every spring. Humans have been present on the property for thousands of years, leaving their traces in many places, from petroglyphs to remnants of the property’s early ranching history.

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