DWR’s updated Groundwater Information Center

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If you haven’t had a chance to view DWR’s updated Groundwater Information Center, please click on the following link:


On the site are links to all of the available Groundwater Management Plans (grouped by Hydrologic Region), as well as groundwater level change maps (Dot Maps) for numerous time periods in the Groundwater Data Reports section.  Plus lots of other groundwater-related information, such as the Drought Response report that was published on April 30th; a revised report is being prepared for October 2014.

Also, just last week, DWR made publically available an Interactive Map of Groundwater Information and Data.  For this first release, the contour and color ramp options are limited to the Central Valley, but DWR is working with various local agencies to qualify well data so the contouring and various analysis tools can be expanded to other basins throughout California.  As more data becomes publically available through the CASGEM Program, this will be easier to accomplish.  You can currently view Change in Groundwater Level data for the Sonoma area through Spring 2014.

If you have any comments about the site, feel free to let me know and I’ll forward them on to the developers.  Hope this is helpful as you work towards sustainable groundwater management in your area.

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