To All,

Tell Congress to Protect our Nation’s Water

Congress is yet again attempting to weaken our environmental laws by interfering with proposed new safeguards for water—one of our most important resources.

Take action to protect our water now!

The EPA has received more than 1 million public comments on its proposed Clean Water Rule, the vast majority overwhelmingly in support. This important rule would restore protections to our nation’s streams, rivers and wetlands—safeguarding the drinking water sources of 117 million Americans.

Unfortunately, Pennsylvania Representative Bill Shuster has introduced legislation—H.R. 1732—that would scrap the Clean Water Rule before the final draft is even released! Tell your congressional representative to oppose this bill now.

H.R. 1732 would undermine the Clean Water Act—wasting millions in tax payer money, tossing out millions of public comments, ignoring the sound science behind the Clean Water Rule, and leaving many of our waters vulnerable to toxic pollution.

But you can stand up for clean water by telling your representative to protect our nation’s waters and uphold the Clean Water Act by opposing H.R. 1732

Will you join us in standing up for clean water?  Click on this link to take action: