Status on Attack on the Clean Water Rule, HR 1732

Last night the House of Representatives voted on H.R. 1732, a bill which would require the EPA to withdraw their proposed clean water rule and essentially start the process over from scratch. With the Republican majority in the House, the bill passed by a vote of 261-155.

24 Democrats voted the wrong way, but the good news is that this is less than the 35 Democrats who voted the same on a similar bill last year. And, this means that the opposition has failed to garner enough support to override a promised presidential veto.

Here are the Democrats that voted the wrong way.

Ashford- NE
Bishop- GA
Bustos- IL
Carney- DE
Clyburn- SC
Cooper- TN
Costa- CA
Cuellar- TX
Danny Davis- IL
Delaney- MD
Graham- FL
Gene green- TX
Robin Kelly- IL
SP Maloney- NY
Peterson- MN
Richmond- LA
Schrader- OR
David Scott- GA
Sinema- AZ
Swalwell- CA
Torres- CA
Veasey- TX
Vela- TX
Walz- MN

The following Democrats had voted the wrong way in the past, but voted for clean water yesterday.  Send thank yous to these offices!

Cleaver- MO
Farr- CA
Fudge- OH
Garamendi- CA
Hastings- FL
Kirkpatrick- AZ
Loebsack- IA
Ruiz- CA
B. Thompson- MI

I’ll keep you posted with more updates as they come.