Epigenomics: From Soil to People’ workshop, Jan. 9-13

To All,

Dr. William Battaglin, US Geological Survey, will speak about ‘Glyphosate and other Contaminants of Concern in Water, Sediment, and Soil in the United States’ at the ‘ONE HEALTH Epigenomics: From Soil to People’ workshop at Plant & Animal Genome Conference, San Diego, January 9-13, 2016:


His presentation will be the highlight of this workshop

Workshop will end with a Q&A led by Senior High School Students from MA, who are surprised that the EDC-2 paper (Gore et al 2015) did not address more Glyphosate’s health effects.

My poster with the students will include the epigenetic mechanisms published so far for some of the contaminants detected by Dr. Battaglin. He was gracious to share some information in advance. We will conclude that the science available is uncertain, a nd more basic research with people/cohorts, that takes into consideration F2 and F3 inheritance is urgently needed.