State Water Board and Human Rights to Water

At its February 16, 2016 board meeting, the State Water Resources Control Board (State Water Board) will consider adopting the attached draft resolution pertaining to the human right to water, as established by Water Code section106.3, subdivision (a).
On September 25, 2012, the California Legislature adopted Assembly Bill 685, which added section 106.3 to the Water Code (effective January 1, 2013), declaring that every human has the right to clean, affordable, and accessible water for consumption, cooking and sanitary purposes. (Wat. Code § 106.3, subd. (a).)  Section 106.3, subdivision (b), specifically requires the State Water Board to consider the human right to water when establishing policies, regulations, or grant criteria when such actions are pertinent to water for human consumption, cooking, and sanitary purposes.
The State Water Board’s adoption of the resolution would establish the human right to water as a core value and top board priority. Through the resolution, the State Water Board aims to provide statewide consistency in the implementation of the human right to water.
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