World Water Day, March 22, 2016

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White House will Host Water Summit on Building a Sustainable Water Future in the United States.

On Tuesday, March 22, 2016 – World Water Day – the Administration will host a White House Water Summit to raise awareness of the national importance of water, and to highlight new commitments and announcements that the Administration and non-federal institutions are making to build a sustainable water future.

Nearly 200 water experts, representing the full spectrum of interests (e.g. industry, technology developers, utilities, states and tribes, water associations, environmental advocacy, philanthropy), are expected to attend. EPA Deputy Administrator Stan Meiburg will moderate a panel on Innovative Finance and Water Infrastructure Solutions. Joel Beauvais, Deputy Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water, will also attend. The event will be held from 9:00 a.m. EDT to approximately 12:30 p.m. EDT and be livestreamed at

World Water Day: The power of water and jobs
On World Water Day, people everywhere show that they care and that they have the power to make a difference. They get inspired by information and use it to take action and change things. This year many will focus on the power that water and jobs have to transform people’s lives. Nearly all jobs are related to water and those that ensure its safe delivery. But today, millions of people who work in water are often not recognized or even protected by basic labour rights. This needs to change. Read More

World Water Monitoring Challenge
WWMC is an international education and outreach program that builds public awareness and involvement in protecting water resources around the world by engaging citizens to conduct basic monitoring of their local waterbodies.

WWMC grew out of the World Water Monitoring Day program in 2012. While an official “day” continues to be observed each year on September 18, the broader “challenge” encourages people everywhere to test the quality of their waterways, share their findings, and protect our most precious resource. The program runs annually from March 22 (the United Nations World Water Day) until December 31.

The primary goal of World Water Monitoring Challenge is to educate and engage citizens in the protection of the world’s water resources. Many people are unaware of the impact their behaviors have on water quality. Conducting simple monitoring tests teaches participants about some of the most common indicators of water health and encourages further participation in more formal citizen monitoring efforts.

2016 CA Citizen Monitoring Calendar (Free download of a years’ worth of water and environmental occasions.)

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