This Logging Plan called Dogwood

What is left out of the Press Democrat article, “Logging Plan along the Gualala…” are at least two very important facts.

One is that there are good rules on the books that disallow companies to log into sensitive floodplains of rivers. However, Gualala Redwoods Timber (GRT) asked for and was granted exemptions to these rules.  Let me repeat, the very rules that would prevent destructive activities in any stream’s floodplain was exempted. Why?  Because Alden requested it, that’s why.

Who is Henry Alden?  No mention of the infamous Pacific Lumber after it was taken over by MAXXAM Corporation and logged the old growth redwoods of Humboldt until massive protests called Redwood Summer forced a deal to save a small part of it, called Headwaters Forest.

Doesn’t Alden’s history here with PL have some bearing on what is going on now in our forests of Sonoma County?  You would think so. For the Press Democrat, this history is invisible, a clean slate. Alden is doing a good job, right?  That is why Alden’s company, GRT, will soon be logging itself out of business and moving on to some other resource to mine and leaving in its wake a devastated river and community to pick up the pieces.

Larry Hanson, Board President
Forest Unlimited