Re: More on Russian River Fish Flow Project and Biologic Opinion

To be added to my previous musings on this subject

Another aspect of this issue – that I had been recently pondering –
related to the ISRP findings.

They ISRP noted that,in part due to incision (the hungry water thing) in
the mainstem RR – that many of the tribs are disconected from the
mainstem flows. I am sure this condition was not present historically.

So – this issue of trib disconnection makes fish migration to any refugia
in the tribs inpossible. Thus, it is probable that this condition traps
fish in the mainstem – and – limiting flows in the mainstem would be, in
fact, limiting habitat.

Just because the river, historically (way back then), did present such low
flow conditions – it does not mean that the low flow proposal is
appropriate for current conditions. This is especially true when the
tribs are not providing historic habitat and there is this confluence
disconnection problem.

Finally and However – just stating these issues, when challenging the low
flow EIR, need to be supported by science (The ISRP helps) and
professional opinion – in the file – if you are looking for a successful