REACTIONS to Secretary Jewell’s secretarial order directing federal actions on Cal Water Fix and the drought

January 5, 2017

Yesterday, Secretary Jewell issued a Secretarial order, directing a number of things, including directing federal fish agencies to finish their work on the biological opinions for the California Water Fix by March of this year.

From Congressman John Garamendi:

Congressman John Garamendi“This is an outrageous attempt by the Secretary of the Interior to direct a scientific outcome. It’s unconscionable. I would have expected this from the Trump Administration, not the Obama Administration. The $15 billion twin tunnels are a financially and environmentally disastrous boondoggle that will suck the Delta dry, ravage its ecosystem, and destroy local fisheries, agriculture, and recreation. I strongly disagree with the Obama Administration’s decision to give this disaster of a project an expedited environmental review in the hopes of advancing construction timelines. A thorough review will show that this plan will not add a drop of new water and will destroy the largest estuary on the West Coast of the Americas. They should never be built, and I will oppose them every step of the way.”