Re: Drought to Deluge

To All,

The “tunnel transportation solution” is simply another promotion for transporting more water from Norther California to Southern California. Jerry Brown is from Southern CA and the primary political clout in CA seems to reside in Southern CA.

Personally, I think it was a big mistake to reverse the water conservation measures that the State had imposed during the most recent drought period.

Before I moved out of San Jose, at least 75% of the neighbors on our street (and the adjoining streets in our neighborhood) let their lawns die and they converted to drought-tolerant plantings with drip irrigation.During my visits to LA I have not seen the same efforts to reduce their water consumption.

My opinion is that, in general, Southern CA thinks there is an unlimited bank of water from Northern CA that they are entitled to use since we are all part of CA.


Some folks like the tunnel transportation solution.  I’m not nearly so enthusiastic as some folks in the southland.


It is time to learn a lesson from these folks:  Every crisis is an opportunity.  Now is the moment to holler loud and clear “It is not the dam (damn) infrastructure, it is the transportation infrastructure that must be changed to avoid carbon dioxide pollution.”

Notice “California water officials have been discussing how warming will affect the state’s water system. Now some officials believe they will have to change the infrastructure — such as building or raising dams and constructing two giant tunnels underneath the confluence of the state’s two largest rivers — to deal with more precipitation falling as rain and snow melting more quickly.”

They never give up, do they?