Join a National Climate Change Action to Change History

Join other young people to help make this happen in California.

In November, when the UN meets to decide what happens next with the Paris climate agreement, the United States will likely be represented by Rex Tillerson, who spent his entire career profiting from climate change as the CEO of ExxonMobil. Yep, this is what it’s come to.

As long as the federal government is run by Big Oil executives, lawyers, and lobbyists, we need strong climate action from our states and cities. We’re giving governors and mayors until November 18 to commit to uphold the Paris agreement, and back up their words with real action. And on the 18th, we’ll gather at state capitols and city halls to turn up the pressure.

Sound good? You can make it happen by attending a 1-day training near you.

In October, young people from across California will come together to learn about Sunrise’s strategy, our plan to win, and the skills we need to build the movement in our schools and communities. And, you’ll all get a chance to make plans to take action this November.

Sign up today for a training near you this October and spread the word to any other young people you know.

We know how Trump, Tillerson, and their billionaire friends will be remembered by history.

But this fall, at this pivotal moment, we have a chance to determine how we are remembered. When future generations read about this time in their history books, will they read about how young people stood aside as fossil fuel billionaires lead us down the path to disaster? Or will they read about how young people stood up for the billions of lives threatened by climate change and built a better future for all of us?

These trainings are where we’ll start writing history this fall. Are you in?

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Sara Blazevic

Trainings Leader