Talk on Geology and Water

To All,

Dr. Jane Nielson will be discussing geology and how it relates to water that will have relevance to the statewide groundwater planning.

Join us for repeat of Jane Nielson’s December 11 presentation to the Sebastopol City Council’s Water subcommittee about the problems posed by the City’s 2007 Water Supply Assessment (WSA). That report suggested that Sebastopol’s wells can receive groundwater from parts of the Miocene Wilson Grove Formation sandstone as far west as Bohemian Highway.

If Sebastopol’s water supply is not that extensive, the question to be resolved is whether Sebastopol mostly has been built over its main recharge area. Jane and SWIG have been trying to explain these points for 10 years. Come and see what Jane and others have found and finally were able to explain to City Council members and other City officials.

The talk will take place starting at 7 pm at the Environmental Center located at 55 Ridgway Avenue in Santa Rosa CA.