Good Introduction Video on the Clean Water Act

My name is Olivia Day. I’m emailing concerning your website. One of my students, Emma, came across your site while searching for environmental science and conservation sites. I’m working on a revamp of our class portal website and I’m letting the students help out with adding some new and interesting content. We are currently working on the science section of the site and Emma has been busy finding researching environmental sites. She shared your page, , with the class today. I just wanted to say thanks for making your site and its info available to us!

As part of the project the students are required to find and share some of their research with people that we have borrowed info from. Emma found this article about The Clean Water Act that she wanted to share: . I think the article can help people get a better understanding of the standards we have that help protect nature. Would you mind adding a link to the page on your page – ? Feel free to shoot me an email if you do place it so I can let Emma know that she was able to help others out and so she can get credit for this part of the project.

Thanks again and have a great day!
Olivia Day