Action to tell the EPA to ban Atrazine

To  All,

Below is an appeal by the Environmental Working Group to get the EPA to ban Atrazine.

Millions of Americans are at risk of drinking a toxic chemical that can turn male frogs into female frogs with viable eggs!

Atrazine, produced by chemical industry giant Syngenta, is one of the most widely used pesticides in the United States. More than 70 million pounds of atrazine are dumped on American farmland each year. It’s been linked to serious health risks like cancer, shorter pregnancy and hormone disruption.

Now, the Environmental Protection Agency is getting ready to give Syngenta the greenlight to continue spraying this hazardous chemical. But the EPA’s analysis is critically flawed and ignored more than 10 studies linking atrazine with harm to human health.

We need to overwhelm the EPA with comments before the November 23 deadline to compel the agency to BAN atrazine.

Tell the EPA to stand up for public health and BAN atrazine. Syngenta’s pesticide is dangerous for our health and our environment.

Under this administration, the EPA has consistently put chemical industry profits ahead of public health. We can’t let it happen again. In less than two years, the EPA has:

Cancelled a scheduled ban of chlorpyrifos, a neurotoxic pesticide that can cause brain damage in kids. The ban was cancelled just weeks after the EPA met with Dow Chemical.
Unsealed court documents revealing Monsanto’s attempts to collude with the EPA to cover up the cancer risks of glyphosate.
Dismissed the human health risks of toxic chemicals found in drinking water, such as dry cleaning ingredient TCE, a carcinogen found in the tap water supplies of 14 million Americans.
We need to stand up to the chemical industry and make sure the EPA looks out for our health, not chemical industry profits.

Will you join us and call on the EPA to ban atrazine?

TAKE ACTION by clicking on this link:

Thanks for standing with us,

Olga Naidenko
Senior Science Advisor, EWG