Water Boards Seeking Information on Streams and Watersheds

To all,

The California State Water Board is seeking information on watershed and streams so if you can help, there is a link below that will take you to where you can input the information.

Thank you.

Larry, CRW Web Manager

The Healthy Watersheds Partnership is conducting a literature review so we can create a resource/library on the website. Specifically we are looking for literature pertaining to the following topics:

defining watershed and stream “health”
data imputation methods
data aggregation and reduction
determining relative watershed health
climate change impacts to water quality
climate change impacts to beneficial uses

If you are aware of any literature related to these topics, we ask that you send us information about it by filling out the Google form. Thank you!


Anna Holder
California Sea Grant Fellow
Office of Information Management and Analysis
California State Water Resources Control Board
(916) 341-5286
1001 I Street, 19th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814