Letter to the Editor Published in the Press Democrat, Santa Rosa CA

State forest management policy is a major factor in the loss of salmon populations and the potential recovery of salmon populations. 
And – as it turn out forest management is a large part of the long term problem or long term solution of the climate change issue.  

I think the voting population is ready for change.  And – that change must occur – sooner than later. 

I also think the politicians are not ready for change – or – incapable of making effective decisions regarding appropriate 
outcomes  that would help effect actions needed to address  climate change.

Thus – The Initiative Process – a Proposition that would force retention of increased volumes  of larger trees with increased 
forest inventories.  There seem to be a problem getting some momentum on this.  Time to push is now!

Please think about this and take appropriate action. 

Letter to the Editor Published in the Press Democrat

We should all be concerned with the spectacle of the burning Amazon forest.  All life on this planet is dependent on the forest’s ability to store carbon, process CO2,  and produce oxygen  –  providing a web of life for all living things. 

The state of forests world wide should be of concern.  The USA is suffering from a long term loss of 75% of its original forest volume.  California’s private lands have suffered a similar loss in forest inventories. In Sonoma and Mendocino County forest inventories of merchantable trees are approximately 15% of their original volume. California’s forestry policy (Forest Practice Rules) are allowing this depleted state to be maintained. 

There is no better processor of CO2 than a mature redwood tree.  Not only are forests an integral part of the carbon chain, they provide habitat for terrestrial species, including fish, and where 95% if the State’s water supply originates in forests.   Wood product with carbon stored in structures is important.  However, stored wood product does not process CO2.  

We can have robust mature forests that are both productive and fire resilient (bigger trees are  fire resilient)  – if the public paid attention and  supported improved forest management. 

Alan Levine