Action: Send Letter to Maui County for polluting Groundwater and Ocean Beaches

Below is a sample letter to send to the Environmental Program of Maui County expressing outrage for continuing to pollute or simply a statement of not visiting until pollution of groundwater and ocean is stopped and the Clean Water Act is followed.

Dear Environmental Coordinator: I am outraged by the continued pollution from treated wastewater that is impacting groundwater and ocean beaches in your area. You need to adhere to the lower and appeal’s court decision to require a permit that would regulate this activity to safeguard water and its environment. Furthermore, any future plans to visit this area would be avoided and spent elsewhere. Pollution of waters in its jurisdiction is not something a tourist destination like Maui County wants visitors to be thinking about never mind spending time there. Get the “paradise” back into Maui County. Thank you.

Use the above sample language to modify your own message and copy and paste to send via your email program to the Environmental Coodinator: