Salmon Website with Current Status

The Nature Conservancy is relaunching the California Salmon Snapshots website as the State of Salmon in California website. The website still provides the most complete, updated numbers of salmon and steelhead returning to our California rivers – but the information is now presented in a more modern and easy-to-navigate interface. With data compiled from the CA Department and Fish and Wildlife and other salmon conservation partners, the website is the most comprehensive one-stop-shop for information on California’s iconic anadromous fishes.

The completely redesigned website is organized around three questions:

How many salmon and steelhead do we have in California? Historically, an estimated 5.5 million Chinook salmon, coho salmon, and steelhead returned to California rivers every year. However, since the 1950s, less than 500,000 fish return annually. Chinook salmon are the majority species, making up more than 90% of current numbers. Since 2000, 25% of ocean returning fish have been hatchery fish. We are currently in the down curve of the cycle and hope to swing upwards. Check out the webpage Statewide Status to see interactive maps and population graphs of all salmon and steelhead species.
Which California rivers with salmon and steelhead? 55 California rivers consistently monitor salmon and steelhead populations. The webpage Snapshots of these Salmon Rivers provides current and historical counts for all 55 of these rivers, information on local restoration organizations and their projects, and more.
What are the important restoration solutions that will enable salmon and steelhead to survive into the future? The Restoration Solutions page highlights eight key types of restoration projects that can improve habitat for salmon and steelhead. The page showcases work that restoration organizations are implementing in targeted river reaches that improve the survival of salmon at each life stage.

Thanks for being part of the State of Salmon in California collaboration.