Brock Dolman–Regenerative Hydration

Brock Dolman is a biologist and systems thinker. He is the co-founder of Occidental Arts and Ecology Center—one of the first permaculture education centers in North America. In this episode, Brock colorfully muralizes the concept of regenerative hydration. By connecting practices like rainwater, greywater, and fog harvesting, with conceptual tools like water budgets and unorthodox partnerships with keystone species, like the beaver, he paints the picture of a watershed as a lifeboat for community. Brock wants us to think of watersheds as basins of relations, where we not just slow it, spread it, sink it, but think it, too. This conversation will leave you looking at your space and place differently—and gives you water and land management solutions for your backyard, business, or organization that are easy to implement today!

Regenerative Hydration with Brock Dolman

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