Ways to Conserve Water at Home


Like most people, my family has spent a LOT of time at home over the last several months (and will continue to for the foreseeable future). To stay busy, my husband and I decided to make some home improvements we’ve been putting off, and we decided to focus our efforts on water conservation measures. I didn’t know a whole lot about the actions we could take before we started this undertaking, so I naturally did a lot of research – and I learned a lot!

Since water conservation is an important topic on www.criverwatch.org, here are some pieces of information I think you’ll find helpful (I certainly did):

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I figured you might be able to add this list somewhere on your site (a resources page, maybe?) so your readers have even more inspiration for adopting water-friendly practices into their lives!

Additionally, our last big project will be tackling our landscaping, so it’s something I’ve been focusing my research on lately. If I wrote you a (free) original article on how to improve your yard’s water conservation abilities, would you consider sharing it on your site?

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