Poisoning of Coastal Waters

This is from Richard Charter, our local and longtime coast protector who Rue, Larry, Kimberly and I have been working with on draft Local Coastal Plan for the last year plus. The consequences of mass poisoning will have long term effects all along our coast. This was done previously with thousands of kills that were collateral damage. If you can write a note to the CA Coastal Commission how ill advised this plan is, thanks you. Check out the video. Janus

Dear LCP Colleagues:

Grand launch of our new video PSA today:

Please feel free to use in any way you see fit.

On May 12, 13, or 14, 2021, the California Coastal Commission will decide whether or not to permit the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to use helicopters to scatter 1.5 tons of cereal bait onto the Southeast Farallon Island to try to keep eight to ten Burrowing Owls from coming to the island from the Marin Headlands to eat mice that live there. You can comment on this NOW at farallonislands@coastal.ca.gov. Thank you.
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