Action: Please come out and support our local Sunrise youth

Urgent Action Alert: Team of Volunteers Needed to Feed Trekkers in 6-Days Click — If you can help.

Pachamama, Drawdown, Petition for a new Civilian Conservation Corps

Youth Activists’ Trek Is On the Road — Walk Through Sonoma on June 10 & 11 For Fully Funded Civilian Conservation Corps Now!

Please come out and support our local Sunrise youth (as well as other
Sunrisers from around the state) as they pass through Santa Rosa on
Thursday, June 10, as part of their 266 mile march from Paradise, CA
to San Francisco, CA. They have undertaken this trek to pressure Nancy
Pelosi, Diane Feinstein and President Biden to include the creation of
a robust Civilian Climate Corps in the infrastructure and climate
legislation currently in congress. The trek is getting national
attention and was covered on KQED last week when they set out from
Paradise. And here is a recent video highlighting some of the
marchers and their stories.

The best way to support them is by showing up in person at the local
rally in Santa Rosa, Thursday June 10 @ 10 am in Juilliard Park.
You are also invited, if you are up for a bit of marching yourself, to
join them from there for part or all of their day’s trek to Cotati.

Or, if you can’t come on Thursday, but want to join them elsewhere,
see the recent email from “Green Novato” about their lunch in Novato
June 13th, or be there for their final day of marching — across the
Golden Gate into San Francisco — on Monday, June 14. Click here for
details. If you cannot come in person, other options for supporting them
include signing this petition: Petition for a Civilian Climate Corps

Or donating to their campaign fund. Click “donate” on this website.
You can also follow them on social media at the following accounts:
On twitter:
On instagram: @sunrisegenonfire

The Sonoma County Arm in Arm team