Action: Ask for More Investment in Our Drinking Water

Very soon Congress will weigh in on whether the federal government should invest in reducing lead in drinking water. The answer is obviously, “yes”. Please take just a couple of minutes to let them know that you support increased federal funding to protect drinking water.

Lead service lines are the pipes that connect the large water main to the house or small building. Where lead service lines are present, they are the largest source of lead in drinking water. Replacing these pipes, which were banned in 1986, is a common-sense way to reduce lead exposure to protect everyone’s health – but especially children under 6.

Clean Water Action has pushed for federal investment to replace lead service lines. Polls show that people overwhelmingly support this investment. There is bi-partisan support in the U.S. Congress. And now, President Biden has made fully replacing lead services a centerpiece of the American Jobs Plan, which includes $45 billion in federal investment to replace lead service lines nationwide.