Water Information by Using WaterDrop

Built on the powerful Wellntel Water Data Cloud, WaterDrop allows anyone to explore water data, study water balance anywhere in US, or build a sustainability plan where they live.

With WaterDrop, you can explore water inputs, like rain and snowfall; you can study the condition of the water supply, like groundwater level and reserves; and, with some organization and thinking, you can begin to understand gradients and flow – where the water goes.
Texhoma Groundwater

You’ll see trends over time. You’ll spot patterns that deserve local attention. You can start to quantify risk and opportunity.

Areas where available data are insufficient will become clear, and with that confirmed data sparsity, you, your clients and constituents can decide to invest to know more. You can decide to contribute your own data, enlist citizen scientists to participate in collection, or justify new investment in remote monitoring to support sustainable water management.

Visitors are welcome. The “Basic” version of WaterDrop is free and requires no login and assembles data from two public sources, the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) NCDC Weather Stations and USGS (United States Geological Survey) NWIS network sensors.