New Netflix Climate Film: “YOUTH v GOV”

 Hello to everyone.

As I think  many of you know, I am a co-founder of Our Childrens Trust, committed to giving youth a voice in our climate crisis struggle. One of our now long-standing commitments has been to represent 21 young people in Juliana v. US, suing the US over actions which deprive young people and future generations of their constitutional right to a livable and stable climate, as a 5th amendment right to life liberty and property.  A development occurs today that I ask each of you to consider and please take action:

   “YOUTH v GOV” – the independent feature-length, award-winning documentary about 21 young people who sued the federal government to secure their constitutional right to a stable and livable climate (Juliana v. United States) – will begin streaming globally on Netflix starting Friday April 29th!

This is an incredible opportunity to watch the story of the Juliana 21 and their critical climate case, streaming in over 30 languages worldwide!  One of the simplest and most powerful actions members of our community can take to support these young climate leaders in this moment is to watch the film this weekend and share it with others. Help us spread the word so that people around the world learn about their case and the durable, sustainable solution to the accelerating climate crisis that these young people are seeking in our courts.

Please take two very simple actions this weekend:

1.Watch the film on April 29th and over the weekend! The more people who watch the film in the first few days following its premiere on Netflix, the more frequently it may appear as a suggested option for others to discover and watch – so please watch it this Friday and over the weekend!

2.Tell others to watch it too! Share the film with everyone you know: friends, family, neighbors, co-workers. Post about it on social media, email it to folks, send texts, or make calls. Tell everyone you know to add the film to their Netflix list now and watch the film this weekend!

Thank you.

I hope all of you are well and that this email can be well-received.

Sharon E. Duggan