WATER Institute Launches New California Process-Based Restoration Network

Photo by Niklas Hamann on Unsplash

WATER Institute Co-Directors Kate Lundquist and Brock Dolman are excited to announce the initiation of the California Process-Based Restoration (Cal PBR) Network. The goals of the Cal PBR Network are to promote process-based (aka, beaver-based, ecological, low-tech, nature-based) restoration approaches to increase the capacity of degraded river and stream ecosystems to retain water, support biodiversity, create fire resiliency, and adapt to climate change. The reason we are starting this open-source network is to encourage information sharing, increase participation and training opportunities, and to provide a collaborative voice in support of PBR approaches in California.

Get involved! We encourage anyone interested in stream, river, and meadow restoration to check out the CalPBR newsletter and website (calpbr.org) and sign up to be included in future emails about meetings, trainings and project opportunities.

What is Process Based Restoration?