Action for the Salmon

As some of you may already know, the 2023 King (Chinook) Salmon season has been officially closed by fisheries management. Therefore, we cannot bring you local, wild king salmon this summer and have decided not to operate Calvi Bros. Seafood this season.

We are in full support of this season closure and hope it will aid in the salmon’s recovery. We also hope it will bring about necessary changes to water policies; ones that prioritize the protection of wild salmon runs for future generations above the short-term, unsustainable interests of Big Agriculture. 

It’s not too late! 

What You Can Do:

Please join Golden State Salmon Association which is the primary advocacy group for our local wild salmon on both the State and Federal level. 

Follow this link

for a list of other organizations and coalitions doing similar work. 

California fishermen’s associations, along with native tribal organizations and environmental groups have joined together in support of GSSA. Under new leadership, they have already made progress by successfully petitioning Governor Newsom to rescind his recent order denying wild salmon the water they need to survive. 

On The Bright Side:

Although this closure is a disaster, we see this as an opportunity for Californians to become more aware of the state of our salmon, water quality and current water policies and to get involved. 

Wild West Coast salmon stocks can still be restored to their historical abundance. The only thing they need is we, the public, to care enough to take action on their behalf.

We feel fortunate that we’ve been able to connect you, our community, with this iconic species and have experienced your appreciation for the salmon first-hand. Our intention has always been to help our community foster a more direct connection to this local species and feel inspired to take part in their protection. 

For more of the science on why the salmon have been declining:


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