Action: Comment on Hexavalent Chromium

This is the pollutant made famous by the film, “Erin Brockovich”, PG&E’s contamination of drinking water in the California town of Hinkley.
Submit comments for the Hexavalent Chromium MCL and Draft Environmental Impact Report by August 18, 2023

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On August 2nd, the State Water Board held a hearing under the Administrative Procedure Act (APA) on the proposed maximum contaminant level (MCL) forhexavalent chromium in drinking water.  Hexavalent chromium is both a naturally occurring and synthetic drinking water contaminant that may cause cancer. The current MCL for total chromium (trivalent and hexavalent) is 50 parts per billion, and the State Water Board is proposing a new MCL forhexavalent chromium of 10 parts per billion. At the hearing, Board staff presented on the proposed MCL and the draft environmental impact report (EIR)and the Board heard public comments from dozens of interested parties who attended both in person and virtually. Next, staff will review all comments and determine if changes will be made to the proposed regulation. 

Due to the high degree of interest in this topic, the comment period for the proposed MCL and draft EIR has been extended to August 18, 2023 at noon. Comments can be sent to via email to or by mail to:  Courtney Tyler, Clerk to the BoardState Water Resources Control Board P.O. Box 100 Sacramento, CA 95812