Action for Source Water Protection

What is source water protection? It’s putting the best solutions for keeping our water clean and healthy into practice. Bottom line: if your goal is clean water, it’s better by far to prevent pollution from happening in the first place than it is to clean it up after the fact. We’re leading the charge. Join us to protect Clean Water and stop pollution before it starts. Donate now.Together we can #ProtecttheSource.
Count me in! I want to protect water at its source!
Our nation’s water pollution law, the Clean Water Act, includes powerful and under-utilized tools for protecting the water we care about most – the water we use for drinking – from upstream pollution that can cause contamination and increase treatment costs. Clean Water Action and the Source Water Collaborative have tools to educate the public on this important topic, including ways source water protection can be part of the solution to toxic PFAS “forever chemicals.” The more we know, the more we can do to help protect clean water. Your gift today helps make that happen. 

Yours for Clean Water, Lynn Thorp
National Campaigns Director