Six Groundwater Sustainability Plans are Determined to be Inadequate

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In March 2023, the Department of Water Resources (DWR) determined that the groundwater sustainability plans (GSPs) for six critically overdrafted, high-priority groundwater basins in the Central Valley are inadequate. The six basins with inadequate GSPs, from north to south, are the Chowchilla, Delta-Mendota, Kaweah, Tulare Lake, Tule, and Kern County subbasins (please see map below). As required by SGMA, DWR referred the basins with inadequate GSPs to the State Water Board to decide whether to move forward with state intervention. More information about SGMA, state intervention, and the role of the State Water Board can be found online here.

During the Board Meeting, staff from the State Water Board will present an updated recommended schedule for potential probationary hearings and discuss potential processes GSAs can use to exit or avoid state intervention.

The Board will not take any formal actions related to SGMA at this Board Meeting. This is an informational item only; if a probationary hearing is held for any basin, public notice will be issued for the date and time of that hearing.

For more information about what will be presented, please click here.

The Board values comments from all people and will consider comments shared during the meeting. You can join the Board Meeting to share comments with Board Members. 

To speak using your computer or telephone, follow instructions here to receive the Zoom link or the telephone number. OR attend in person at:  Coastal Hearing Room – Second Floor

Joe Serna Jr. – CalEPA Building

1001 I Street, Sacramento, CA, 95814

If you would like to watch the meeting and do not want to provide comments, you can also watch the Board Meeting online at OR

Six groundwater basins with inadequate plans
Map of Groundwater Basins with Inadequate Groundwater Sustainability Plans