GPU Riparian Resources

For those dealing with County General Plan and Grading Ordinance Riparian Setback and stream protection issues, NMFS has supplied the links – included below.

This information can be useful in commenting on City and County policy development as well as on individual development and land use projects that effect streams:

1. Matrix summarizing literature regarding riparian function and zones of influence (draft NMFS product)
2. Websites for riparian setback information:

“Riparian Setbacks: Technical Information for Decision Makers” was originally prepared for the Chagrin River Watershed partners in Ohio. It is a synthesis of recent research findings organized to provide the scientific basis upon which a town or municipality could begin the task of defending a riparian setback ordinance from legal and other other challenges.

Similarly, a new EPA report, “Riparian Buffer Width, Vegetative Cover, and Nitrogen Removal Effectiveness: A Review of Current Science and Regulations”, provides a synthesis of existing scientific literature on the effectiveness of riparian buffers to improve water quality through their inherent ability to process and remove excess anthropogenic nitrogen from surface and ground waters.

Alan Levine
Coast Action Group