S.C. General Plan Update Hearings

UPDATE: the most recent information I have on what is to be done at future GP update meetings. The further away the date, the less accurate the information. Note the beginning time change on the 23rd. The Chairman asked to add an hour to our deliberations, so we’re going to begin earlier assuming all the Commissioners are available.

2/6 or 2/13
Possible Open Space Element review continuation. Other unfinished issues (see above) will likely continue.

2/15 6:00 PM @ either PRMD or the Board of Supervisors’ hearing room: The Planning Commission will hold a workshop/hearing on digital zoning mapping. It will be partly instructive on how to use the soon to be web released digital mapping, and there may be some zoning map corrections. This will be a noticed hearing for public input and is not directly related to the GP update.

We still do not have a date for possible presentations and deliberations on the Open Space & Resource Conservation Element focused on the Biotic and Riparian sections. An effort will be made to hold this meeting in a larger venue than the PRMD multi-purpose room.

Nothing is specified after this date. Perhaps we’ll know more in a week or two. The Commission has scheduled meetings every Tuesday evening through February.

The revisions to the DEIR are being completed, but no release date has been announced. Staff announced that they expect to take 3 or 4 weeks after the final Draft GP2020 deliberation by the Commission to conclude their changes to the DEIR and determine if there is a need for recirculation. There is no presumption that recirculation will be required at this time, although there seems to be some discussion about the possibility.

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