Compare Marin County’s Plan to Sonoma County’s

Take a look at how Marin County is addressing these important issues:

Marin County is updating its Countywide Plan with the goal

of completing the Plan by July 2007. In the next few weeks

the Marin County Planning Commission is holding several

hearings on parts of the draft Plan.

On Monday, February 26, 2007 from 2:00 to 4:30 p.m. in

Room 328, Marin County Civic Center, San Rafael, the

Commission will consider and take public input on the part

of the draft Plan which concerns stream conservation and wetland conservation.

If you are interested in what the draft Plan has to say about these topics, we hope you will attend and urge the

Commissioners to support the following aspects of the draft


–Protect all streams and creeks, including ephemeral and

intermittent streams and those that have been channelized

or otherwise altered.

–Support policies proposed by staff in the natural systems

section of the draft Plan.

–Adopt the proposed 50 and 100-foot setbacks along stream

banks as proposed in the draft plan. Setbacks should be

required even if there is no riparian vegetation. Where

setbacks are proposed to be determined by an administrative

review process, ensure that protection of habitat is the

primary consideration.

–Use a broad ecosystem approach to creeks and wetland protection,

as recommended in the San Francisco Estuary Institute report

and in the Plan’s draft Environmental Impact Report. Don’t just

focus on special status species, but give equal consideration to

all native wildlife and plants.

–Support as a minimum the proposed 2:1 ratio for on-site re-

placement habitat and 3:1 ratio for off-site replacement habitat

for wetlands lost to development.

–Agricultural land uses should not trigger an exemption from

creek setback requirements.

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