SR’s Revised Draft Citywide Creek Master Plan

Dear Ms Emerson:
I hope these changes can be viewed at the Library. Usually such changes in projects require re-circulation (see the Joy Road decision).

Is the new language highlighted to facilitate review.

Check with your attorney. Things usually go better when folks (agencies) follow the law. (See, both, Joy Road Area Forest and Watershed Association v California Forestry and Fire Protection A105421 – Communities for a Better Environment v California Resources Agency CO38844 – both published decisions

1) Changes in the project description and/or changes in mitigations necessitates re-circulation to allow Agency and the public to comment (with sufficient time to do so).

2) Fixes or additional mitigatory language does not relieve this responsibility.

3) The DEIR/EIR must contain a review for consistency for regulatory oversight wiht other State Code and Regulatory mandates. I do not believe this project is there yet.

Please add these comments to the file.

An update on the Citywide Creek Master Plan: Copies of the Draft Citywide Creek Master Plan (Revised February 2007), Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR), and Responses to Comments are now available online at <>

Minor changes were made to the Master Plan as a result of comments received during the public review period and input from the Santa Rosa Waterways Advisory Committee, Design Review Board, and the Planning Commission. Substantial changes, however, were not deemed to be necessary. The majority of comments were supportive of the Master Plan. Additional issues raised included: use of the trail system during early morning and late evening hours for bicycle commuters, other trail use issues including potential for crimes along trails, ensuring water quality and habitat for fish and wildlife, effects of encampments on creeks, and potential use of eminent domain by the City. All comments are addressed in the Responses to Comments document.

The Department of Public Works will present the Revised Draft Citywide Creek Master Plan, DEIR, and Responses to Comments at the Planning Commission meeting on March 8, 2007. In addition to providing comments at this meeting, the Planning Commission will be asked to consider recommending that the City Council certify the DEIR and adopt the Citywide Creek Master Plan. We are tentatively scheduled to present the DEIR and Master Plan to City Council on March 27, 2007. The Master Plan will be brought before the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors for consideration and possible adoption at a later date.

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